Botox Myths?

Posted on 15th September 2017

Botox Myths?
Doctors have been administering Botox since 1989 for some medical conditions. Then in 2002 FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved it for cosmetic use. With this procedure being around for over a decade we are surprised to hear that many people have misconceptions about the treatment!
At Wish Skin Clinic we found that some new clients were misinformed about several aspects of this non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Those misunderstandings had kept them from trying it, but that they had the correct information, some were sorry they didn't do it years ago!
Myth: BOTOX Injections Are Painful
They are not painful in the least. One Botox patient had 5 or 6 injection sites, and none were any more painful than a mosquito bite. That's because BOTOX is injected with a very thin needle and only a small amount of fluid is used, and its injected slowly. A good doctor will distract you while you're being injected by either chatting with you or by pinching and wiggling the skin near the injection site. If your worried about BOTOX injections being too painful, at Wish Skin Clinic, we can offer Cryo Zimmer Cooler. before and after.
Also, make sure your as relaxed as possible, take some deep breaths, say the word in your mind, and focus on your shoulders, arms, legs, etc., to check for tension. If you do find the procedure painful, let your doctor know. He will have some additional ways to make it more comfortable for you.
Myth: BOTOX Works Instantly
You may notice a few changes right away like eyelids appearing to be lifted, or fine wrinkles disappearing. However, the full results of the procedure can take up to two weeks, and you may have several changes along the way.
Its important to know that complete muscle relaxation can take two to three treatments. If your planning on having BOTOX done for a particular event, like your wedding, plan ahead. Having BOTOX injections too close to an event can leave you disappointed and you want to make sure you'll be looking your best in time for your big day.
Myth: BOTOX is Permanent
Depending on your cosmetic surgeon, the effects can last from three to six months. Some doctor’s chooses to inject less and more often so that he can tailor the new injections based on needs. While others doctors can pretty accurately predict how your muscles will react to the BOTOX, it can sometimes take differently. Also, using a more frequent schedule means that if you do have a bad outcome, it can be corrected sooner. It also means that should your muscles adapt to their new weakened state; you may be able to go longer between injections.
Myth: BOTOX Freezes Facial Expressions
While there are many examples in Hollywood of stars who've created foreheads that make them appear to be standing in a wind tunnel, that doesn't have to be the case. Choosing a great cosmetic surgeon who understands your desired outcome is crucial. BOTOX injections should enhance your natural beauty not change it.
Many clients still like to move their forehead’s and make faces, but the muscles where the doctor used BOTOX injections have been relaxed, not paralyzed, so they're not as prominent and blend in better giving me smoother looking skin.
Myth: BOTOX Can Erase All of My Lines and Wrinkles
Sadly, that's not the case. BOTOX cant treat wrinkles that have been caused by sun damage or aging (called static wrinkles). BOTOX generally works on wrinkles created by movement squinting, furrowing, etc. They're called dynamic wrinkles. However, if dynamic lines are too deep, they may require multiple injections or even fillers instead. Dynamic vertical forehead wrinkles are a great example. They're caused by furrowing and raising brows as we talk, and while BOTOX injections have softened them slightly. However, client’s found their horizontal dynamic wrinkles have been erased completely.
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