Tattoo Regrets?

Posted on 3rd August 2017

Tattoo Removal
Tattoo Regrets?

One in three young adults have a tattoo, and some have several, but the trend is only going to get bigger. It’s estimated that about one in five of the UK population as a whole is tattooed.

Tattoos are all the rage. Cool, sexy, controversial and eye-catching, a tattoo makes a statement that a thousand words can not. Research showed that while only 7% of people born before 1950 had a tattoo, this number had increased to 36% for those born in the swinging 60s and rose again to 42% for people who grew up during the 80s and 90s. Celebrities are often the inspiration for tattoos.

Some people find that their tattoos may tell a story. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, some people wear their passions on their skin. As tattoos have become increasingly common, so too, have become tattoo removals. Tattoo removal have increased by around 25% in the U.K. Tattoos of the names of ex-lovers, dolphin tattoos and misspelt foreign quotes are cited as the most regrettable body art.
Many employees find it difficult and feel judged in their job, because it’s not ‘professional’ to have tattoos. In 2011, Jobcentre staff were informed they could use public money towards tattoo removal if it was preventing a jobseeker getting employment, such is the message that visible, large tattoos still send to many people. So, for some jobs, and some vocations, that rash decision in a tattoo parlour in Ibiza might just backfire.

The demand for tattoo removal is growing, suggesting people found that their plans for the future and the massive dolphin inked down their back weren’t ideal but we do have a agree how can some think ink under the skin prevents someone from doing their job as well as a non-tattooed person. If your looking to fade down or completely remove an ex-lovers name or that daisy chain from the 90s, at Wish Skin Clinic, our Q-PLUS EVO combines Q-switched Nd:YAG (1064/532nm) & Ruby (694nm) to ensure quick, comfortable treatment while completely removing ALL treatable tattoos. No other laser device removes more tattoo pigments than the Q-PLUS EVO. Delivering three powerful PRIMARY laser wavelengths, including the world's fastest Ruby laser at 3Hz, the Q-PLUS EVO is the industry’s premier platform for multi-coloured tattoo removal. Proven, clinical results for all treatable tattoo colours, including greens, blues & reds. Unique Tri-wavelength laser with one of the fastest repetition rates on the market, variable up to 10Hz NEW, patented OPTIBEAM® II technology delivers easier more precise coverage. As a result, treatment times can be up to 20% shorter and comfortable for clients Used by the NHS Effective & Safe Treatments.

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You may have had that celebrity tattoo but there is no celebrity price tag to remove it.

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